Account Recovery for NordLocker Business users

If you have forgotten your NordLockery Key and lost the Recovery Key there is an option to regain access to the NordLocker Business vault. This guide will explain the steps that an organization's member needs to take to request Account Recovery and how the Owner can approve the request

Account Recovery is done through the NordLocker web version of the Admin Panel.

Requesting Account Recovery from the member's side


  1. Log in to NordLocker Web Access with your Nord Account.

  2. Click Forgot your NordLockery Key? Reset it.

  3. To restore your Recovery Key click Lost Your Recovery key?
  4. Click Continue to send a request to your Organization's Owner who will need to approve your account recovery.
  5. Now, you will be able to create a new NordLockery Key and will be given a new Recovery Key.
  6. After that, you will receive a four-digit confirmation code which you will need to share with your Organization’s Owner in order to confirm the Recovery process.
  7. Once the Owner checks if your code matches and approves the recovery request, you will receive a confirmation via email. After that, you can log in to your NordLocker account using the new NordLockery Key.


Approving the Account Recovery from the Owner's perspective


Once the request is submitted, the organization's Owner needs to approve it. 


  1. To approve the request, log in to the Admin Panel

  2. Open Recoveries tab in Members section. 

  3. Click the more options icon where you will see two choices:
  • Approve: after the request is approved, the new NordLockery Key and Recovery Key will replace the old ones. The user will be notified that they can now access their vault with the new NordLockery Key

  • Deny: when denied, the Account Recovery request is deleted and the user will be notified that the request was not approved. The user can send a new request again at any time. 


What happens if the Owner takes no action in 5 days?


If the owner takes no action within 5 days, the Account Recovery request will expire and the user will be notified via email. The user can send a new recovery request but in case this happens again, we would suggest contacting the Organization’s Owner first.