Unable to find encrypted files on macOS

If you are not able to see files or folders that you have encrypted in NordLocker, try these steps below. 

  1. Re-login to your account and make sure that you are logged in to the same account that was used to upload files. 
    1. To log out, open NordLocker, click NordLocker in the menu bar, and select Preferences
    2. In the preferences, go to Account tab and click Log Out button.
  2. Try another device or Web Access. NordLocker is also available on Windows and Android devices. You can download NordLocker from our website or mobile stores. All files saved on the cloud are automatically synced between all devices and can also be accessed using Web Access. 

  3. Check if you can see your missing locker in the NordLocker cloud directory on your device.
    1. Open Finder, enter "nordlocker" in search and open the NordLocker folder.
    2. There you should see a folder named .cloud. This folder might be hidden, to show hidden files press the Command + Shift + . (period) keys at the same time. The hidden folder will show up as translucent. 
    3. Your cloud lockers can be found in this folder. Try opening folders there and look for the locker that is missing in the application (lockers can be identified by the NordLocker logo). Double-click the locker to open it with the NordLocker app. 
  4. If none of the steps above helped, please contact our customer success team and send application logs. A guide on how to find logs can be found here. Make sure to provide as much information in the request as possible (how missing files were uploaded, the type of files, how many files, and which steps have you already tried).