Sharing lockers using NordLocker Business

NordLocker offers a secure and easy way to share files with your team members. This guide will explain how to share your encrypted lockers using NordLocker Business.


What is NordLocker Sharing?


In NordLocker, you can share lockers (a locker is an encrypted folder where you can store files and folders). The recipients will be able to access all files in the shared locker. The ownership of a shared locker will remain to you: people you invite will gain “View-only” access to your locker. They will be able to view and download the files but not edit the existing files or add new ones.  


Sharing is currently available only among NordLocker Business users. This means that you can share your lockers within your organization as well as with people from other organizations that use NordLocker Business. 


If you try to share lockers with people that are not NordLocker Business users, you will see an error and won't be able to share a locker.

While you can’t share files with non-business accounts at the moment, we’ll introduce new ways to share lockers soon. 


Similarly, NordLocker will warn you before you share a locker with a person that is not from your NordLocker organization.


How to share lockers?


  1. Click the three dots icon next to a locker that you want to share (note, that all files and folders in this locker will be shared) and select Share.

  2. This will open a new window where you have to enter the email address of a person that you want to share your locker with. Select Share to share a locker with people whose emails are entered.
  3. People that you shared your locker with will receive an invitation. A notification will appear on the bell icon where they can Accept or Decline the invitation. 
    A shared locker will appear on the left, next to personal lockers. 
  4. You can revoke access to a shared locker at any point. To do so, open the shared locker. On the right, you will see the locker's information and who has Access to it. 
  5. Clicking the button will open the next window where you will see a list of people whom the locker was shared with. Select Remove to no longer share the locker with that person.
  6. People can leave shared lockers by pressing on the three dots next to the name of the locker and selecting Leave.

Check this article to find more tips on how to use and navigate NordLocker web application. 


If you have any questions about using NordLocker, you can submit a request to our Customer Success team or write to them directly at