Secure file sharing with NordLocker Business

NordLocker Business offers a secure and easy way to share files with your team members or people outside the organization. Files in NordLocker can be shared via email or via link. Files shared via email are opened with the NordLocker application. While files shared via link can be opened without a NordLocker account. 


This guide will explain how to share your encrypted files using NordLocker Business.

What is NordLocker Sharing?


In NordLocker, you can share lockers (a locker is an encrypted folder where you can store files and folders) or a copy of single files. The recipients will be able to access all files in the shared locker. The ownership of a shared locker or file will remain to you: people you invite will gain View-only access to your files. They will be able to view and download the files but not edit the existing files or add new ones.  


Important: To share files with people outside your NordLocker Business organization you will need to enable sharing outside the organization in the Admin Panel settings. Follow the steps here to enable sharing outside the organization.

Sharing via email


Sharing via email option allows you to share your personal lockers with other NordLocker users. The recipients will be granted view-only access to the files in your locker and will be able to view and download the files. To access the shared locker, the recipient must have a NordLocker account.


Follow our dedicated guide for detailed steps on sharing via email

Sharing via link


You can share locker or copies of single files with other people using sharing via link option. With this sharing method, the recipient does not need to have a NordLocker account. Shared files can be securely accessed and downloaded using a generated link and security code. 


Follow our dedicated guide for detailed steps on sharing via link