How to use NordLocker Android application?

This guide will explain how to set up NordLocker on your Android device, view and manage your files, create new lockers and download encrypted files. Here are some tips on how to use NordLocker Android application:



Downloading and setting up Android app


  1. First, download and install NordLocker application. You can search for "nordlocker" in Google Play Store or use the link on our website.
  2. Open the installed application. On the main screen, you can CREATE NORD ACCOUNT or LOG IN WITH NORD ACCOUNT if you already have one.
  3. Pressing one of the buttons will open Nord Account website where you can log in to your Nord Account or sign up.

  4. Once logged in, go back to your NordLocker application. If you were previously using NordLocker, you will be asked to enter your NordLockery Key. If this is your first time using the app, you will have to create NordLockery Key. This password will be used to unlock the app and access your lockers.

  5. After creating NordLockery Key, you will get a prompt to save your Recovery Key. This code is the only way to get back into your account if you lose your NordLockery Key
    You can also generate a new Recovery Key in your NordLocker application's Menu. To get the new code, click on the Reset recovery key in Menu and enter your NordLockery Key

Downloading and uploading files

On the main screen of the NordLocker app, you will see all of your lockers that are automatically backed up and synced on all your devices.  

  1. You can create a new locker in your application by tapping the plus symbol at the top right corner. After that, enter the locker's name and click Create. 
  2. You can create folders or upload files to your locker. Open one of your lockers and click on the plus icon at the top of the screen to upload files or create folder.
  3. To download files, rename, delete locker and see locker info, open one of your lockers and click on the three dots icon at the top. 

    Important: All deletions are permanent and we cannot restore the deleted files. Please make sure you no longer need files stored in the locker or have them stored in another place.

    Similarly, tap the icon next to a particular file in your locker to download, move, rename, delete and see file info.

Organizing your files

  1. You can change how lockers and files are displayed by clicking the View icon on the right.
  2. To sort items alphabetically, tap the arrow icon next to Title.

NordLocker Settings


To open NordLocker settings, click the Menu icon on the left and then tap Settings.mceclip8.png

  1. At the top of settings, you will see your account's information: email address, subscription type, and plan's expiration date. 

  2. Here, you can adjust the NordLocker auto-lock timer. This feature allows you to choose after how long of inactivity you want your NordLocker application to be locked. To set this up, tap Lock automatically and choose one of the available options or set a Custom period.

  3. You can also use biometrics to unlock NordLocker Android app. Simply tap Use your fingerprint to open your storage and enter your NordLockery Key in the next window to set it up. 

  4. For extra security, we also recommend enabling Multi-Factor Authentication on your Nord Account. Tap Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) in NordLocker settings to enable it. You can follow this guide for detailed steps. 

If you have any questions, you can submit a request to our Customer Success team or write to them directly at