Storage for organization users

For organization users


In NordLocker, you can add files to local lockers (encrypted folders on your computer) or cloud lockers. 

If you move a file into one of your local lockers, it is encrypted on your computer. There is no limit to local encryption - you can encrypt as many files as you want.


Drag the file into one of the cloud lockers, and the app will upload the file to the cloud. You can choose to leave the original on your computer and only upload a copy or keep your data exclusively on the cloud. The amount of cloud storage available for you depends on the plan selected by your organization. 


You can see your storage usage in the bottom left corner.


Current storage options for business users are 500GB and 2TB, if you need capacity beyond 2TB contact your admin/account manager.

For organization Admins/Owners


You can see members' storage usage in Admin Panel under Members tab. 

If there is a need to increase the storage limit per user, please reach out to your account manager or email  to discuss your needs and business plan changes.