How to invite users to join my organization?

NordLocker Business organization's owners and admins can invite other members to join it. Follow the steps below to invite members using Admin Panel


How to invite users that already have NordLocker accounts?

Inviting members


  1. Log in to NordLocker Cloud and open Admin Panel.
  2. Open Members tab and select Invite Members.
  3. Choose a method for sending invites.
  • Email:

    Enter the email addresses of the members you want to invite and select Send invite.
  • Import a file:

    If you want to invite many members, you can import them in bulk by adding their email addresses to a CSV or TXT file. Once the file is uploaded you can select which members from the list you want to add. 

Inviting users with personal NordLocker accounts


Emails that are already associated with personal accounts or with other organizations cannot be used. There are two ways to join NordLocker organization if the member already has an account: 

  1. Delete NordLocker account. All of the encrypted files inside the NordLocker vault will be deleted if the account is deleted. To request account deletion please contact our Customer Success team or send an email to Please note that we will need to confirm the user's ownership of the account and they may need to pass through a couple of account verification steps.

    We recommend decrypting files stored in NordLocker to not lose access to them after the account is deleted.

  2. Change NordLocker email address. To keep all saved NordLocker data, we can change the account's email address instead. Keep in mind that this would change the email address for other Nord products (NordPass and NordVPN) as well. Contact our Customer Success team or send an email to to request an email change. 


Please note that if you exceed the allowed number of members in the organization, invited members will remain pending and will not be allowed to join the organization. You can either increase the limit of members by reaching out to our Business to Business representative () or you can suspend or delete other active members of your organization.