How to invite people to join my organization?

Please note that in order to invite people, you have to be logged in to the B2B Admin panel as an Admin or Owner. Once you are logged in to the Admin panel, click on the button Invite Members and the pop-up with options will show up.


There are 2 ways to invite people to join your organization:

  • Invite people via email.
    When you enter the email of the member you want to invite, they will receive an invitation letter to their email. 

  • Import a .CSV/TXT file with the list of emails.
    If you have a lot of members you want to invite, write down the list of emails in a .CSV or TXT file, and import it via the possible option. All the members will receive an invitation email to join the organization.

Emails that are already associated with B2C accounts or with other organizations cannot be used.

Please note that if you exceed the allowed number of members in the organization, invited members will remain pending and will not be allowed to join the organization. You can either increase the limit of members by reaching out to our Business to Business representative ( or you can suspend or delete other active members of your organization.