Getting NordLocker Business for your organization

NordLocker Business is an encrypted cloud storage platform for storing, sharing, and managing business data securely. Developed by cybersecurity experts, it ensures business files can be accessed anywhere and anytime — but only by authorized parties.


You can choose one of the available NordLocker Business plans or start a free 14-day trial on our website. Additionally, you can contact our sales team if you are looking for a custom plan:


During checkout or free trial, you can choose the United States of America (US) or European Union (EU) servers for storing your organization's files. 

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If you are already using a personal NordLocker account, you will not be able to purchase a Business plan with the same account. There are two ways to use your current email address for NordLocker Business:

  1. Delete your NordLocker account. All of your encrypted files inside the NordLocker vault will be deleted if your account is deleted. To request account deletion please contact our Customer Success team or send an email to Please note that we will need to confirm your ownership of the account and you may need to pass through a couple of account verification steps.

    We recommend decrypting files stored in NordLocker to not lose access to them after your account is deleted.

  2. Change your NordLocker email address. If you want to keep all of your saved NordLocker data you can change your account's email address instead. Keep in mind that this would change your email address for other Nord products (NordPass and NordVPN) as well. Contact our Customer Success team or send an email to to change your email address. 

You can find more information about NordLocker Business and what features we offer on our page: 


If you have any questions regarding NordLocker Business, feel free to drop us an email at