Roles in your organization

Within NordLocker Business, there is a choice of three different roles that can be assigned to its members. Each role has different functions and responsibilities:

  • Owner - This is the primary role in the organization which offers the most functions and capabilities. The owner position can be set up by another owner and the owner role cannot be revoked. 

    Important: We suggest having at least two Owners in the organization. If one loses their login details, the other can always recover their account. Otherwise, you could lose access to the NordLocer organization. 

  • Admin - Admins have a right to manage the organization’s members and groups. They can invite new members to their organization, give rights to new admins or revoke them and suspend accounts by not letting them access their vaults.
  • User - This role gets access to the NordLocker application and has all the premium features of a regular subscription. 

You can easily manage a member’s role from the Admin Panel by selecting More Options near a member’s role and choosing to give them the rights you wish.