Using NordLocker Web Access on desktop devices

Here, you can find some tips on how to navigate and use the main features of NordLocker Web Access:

  • Creating a new locker:

Open NordLocker Web Access and click on a ‘Create locker’ button on the side menu. Name the new locker and click ‘Create’.Screenshot_16.png

  • Renaming and deleting locker:

Hover your mouse over the locker that you want to delete or rename and click on the three dots icon that appears next to the locker’s name: Screenshot_7.png

  • Uploading files and folders:

You can upload files and folders to the cloud by clicking on the ‘Upload’ button when a particular locker is opened, then choose if you want to upload files or folder:Screenshot_8.png

Alternatively, you can drag and drop items from your device directly into the locker:Screenshot_9.png

  • Downloading files:

To download files from the cloud to your device, first go to the locker from the side menu, then choose the particular files that you want to download by checking the box next to the item’s name. If you want to download all items in the locker, check the box next to the ‘Title’:Screenshot_10.png

Download progress is shown in the pop-up window. You can cancel downloads via this window as well:Screenshot_14.png

  • Searching for files:

You can use a search feature to locate a specific file in the locker easier. Select the locker from a side menu and enter the search phrase in the field “Search in “lockername”. Please note, that you will only be able to search files in a particular locker.Screenshot_11.png

  • Sorting files:

Items can be sorted by their title, size and date on which they were modified. To sort items inside the cloud, click on either “Title”, “Date modified” or “Size”. Chevron indicator will appear Up or Down indicating sort by Ascend or Descend: