How to enable system extensions on Mac devices?

Once you install the NordLocker application and try to launch it, you might be requested to enable the additional systemic extensions for your device for the NordLocker application to run properly. To do so correctly, you may follow these steps below:

Firstly, you may see a notification/message as shown below:


  1. Shut down your device;
  2. Press and hold TouchID or a Power Button on your Mac device;
  3. A new window should appear, select Option, and press Continue;
  4. Next, choose your Mac device user account;
  5. Now, once the user has been chosen at the top of the screen, in Mac's menubar, find Utilities, and in the drop-down list, choose Startup Security Utility;
  6. Once Startup Security Utility window appears, press the button Unlock... that can be found at the bottom right corner of the window;
  7. Now you might be required to provide a password of your Mac device. After inputting a password, press the Security Policy... button.
  8. Next, a window should appear with a few selections that can be enabled. Please enable/select "Reduced Security", and "Allow remote management of kernel extension and automatic software updates", and press OK.

If you experience any issues and require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team.