Space saver feature

NordLocker now offers a feature that allows you to offload your cloud files and save space on your device! 


How to offload files

To offload the entire cloud locker simply right-click on it and select Sync settings, after you click on it you can select if you want to have your locker saved both locally and on the cloud or exclusively on the cloud.


The Cloud locker which is saved only in the Cloud will have a cloud icon next to it. 

In addition, you can select specific files or folders and offload them to the cloud in case you do not want to offload the entire locker.

The process to do so is exactly the same as offloading the whole locker. All you need to do is right-click on the folder or a file you wish to offload and then select Sync settings.



Status of files

Next to the files uploaded to NordLocker Cloud, you might see an icon, which specifies the state of the file. If a file has no icon next to it - it's saved both on the computer and the cloud.states1.png

If the status icon has a white cloud in a grey background, it means that the file is uploaded on the cloud only.

If a folder or locker has a white icon with a grey outlined cloud, then it consists of both locally and only on the cloud stored files. 

Syncing files will have a spinning arrows icon next to them. A syncing locker will show a grey timer, which shows how much syncing is completed. 

If you get the yellow error symbol, that means your file has failed to sync. In such cases, we would suggest contacting our support team and shortly describing your issue.