Uninstalling NordLocker

If you delete the application, your Locker containers that store the encrypted files and data will not be deleted - you would simply lose access to reach them. Once the application is installed, you will be able to access the files again.



  1. Open Finder and open Applications folder in the sidebar. 

  2. Drag the NordLocker app to the Trash or right-click the app icon and select Move to Trash. You may need to enter your device's password. 

  3. To uninstall the app, open Trash from the Dock and select Empty button at the top. 




  1. Head over to the Windows Settings and locate the app list by clicking Apps and then Apps and features.

  2. Locate the application and uninstall NordLocker.


Make sure to choose Yes when asked whether you wish to uninstall NordLocker FS driver as well.

Afterward, reboot your device and that’s it!