Payment issues

Payments may fail due to various reasons. Here are a few tips that might be useful.

We suggest completing the following steps and trying to make a payment once more:

  • Clear the cache of your browser;
  • Disable any security/privacy extensions running in your browser;
  • Switch to a different browser;
  • Use the incognito mode;
  • Try using another device to make the payment.

To avoid multiple charges or temporary hold of funds, do not make repeated attempts to complete a purchase.

You may consider contacting your credit card company - it is likely to have information about the failed transaction and the status of your account.

If you have paid with Crypto Currencies but your account is still inactive, it might be that a transaction may not be confirmed in the coin network yet - you should give it some more time. 


If you have been charged twice or suspect that someone was using your card to make a payment, please contact our Customer Success team and provide as much information about your payment as possible. We need it to have a better ability to identify your payments. The following information would help us:

  • Payment type (Credit card, Sofort, Crypto Currencies, etc.);
  • Payment date(s) - please specify your last payments dates;
  • Transaction ID or payment number of your last payments, that you were provided;
  • In some cases, we may ask you for a photo/screenshot proof of your transaction.

In many cases, the charges are the result of a friend or family member using the card. Of course, we will be glad to investigate your case and provide you with any assistance needed.