Unable to log in

Nord Account’s password

Nord Account’s password is used to log in to all Nord services, like NordVPN, NordPass, and NordLocker.

In case you forgot the password of your Nord Account, you can reset it with our lost password option.

However, if you do have access to your account and simply wish to change it, go to the 'Account Preferences' and press on the 'Change password' button. Then proceed by changing your password.

NordLocker Key

The NordLocker Key is your personal password for accessing your lockers. You will create your NordLocker Key when setting up your NordLocker account. Create one that you won’t forget, maybe even write it down and put it somewhere safe, because the NordLocker Key is only for you.

In the case of NordLockery Key loss, you would have to use a Recovery Key, which is given upon registration to the NordLocker after you create a NordLocker Key.

  • For Windows devices

Once you open the NordLocker application and it asks for a NordLocker Key, open menu at the top right and select Forgot NordLockery Key. Enter Recover Key and select Continue

  • For macOS devices

Once the NordLocker app is running, open Settings via the menu under NordLocker. Open Account tab and select Reset NordLocker Key

Recovery Key

The only way to generate a new Recovery Key is while logged in to your account.

For Windows devices, there will be a Reset recovery key option under the Account tab in the menu.

For macOS, once again, you will need to go to the Settings under the NordLocker tab in the menu.


In case you have forgotten your NordLocker Key and lost your generated Recovery Code to reset it, unfortunately, there is no way to access your encrypted files.

The only thing we can suggest is deleting your account and creating a new one to continue using NordLocker.