Moving files between lockers

Moving your encrypted files from one locker to another is easy, you can do it in the NordLocker application itself, and here is how:

  • Open the NordLocker application and select the locker containing the files you wish to move;
  • Select the files you wish to move, then drag and drop them into the locker you wish to move them to;


The file will now be removed from the first locker and will appear in the second one.

If instead of moving the file, you wish to have a copy of it inside both of the lockers, the process will be different:

  • Right-click the file/files you wish to copy, and select the copy option (ctrl + c or cmd + c);


  • Open the locker you wish to have a copy of your files, right-click anywhere inside it, and select the paste option (ctrl + v or cmd + v);


That is it, the files will now be present in both of your lockers.