Syncing lockers on macOS

With the newest NordLocker updates came the syncing feature! However, this feature is only available for NordLocker Premium users.

To create and encrypt lockers on a Cloud, please follow this step-by-step tutorial.

  • Open the NordLocker application and log in to your account. Then click on the "+" symbol next to the NordLocker Cloud title to create a new cloud locker.


  • A new pop-up should appear, asking to name your new locker. Make sure you choose NordLocker Cloud as the destination for your locker, and once it is named, click on Create.


  • Once the locker is created, open it and drag/add the files to it. You might be asked if you wish to copy or move the files to the locker.


  • Once the files are added you will see Syncing at the bottom left corner, next to the Cloud storage information.


  • When the syncing process is finished, you should see Up to date at the bottom left corner as well as a green tick next to the locker name in the NordLocker application.


And that's it! Your files and the locker is encrypted in the cloud.

Please note that this feature is only available for our users who have a premium subscription. If you choose to stop using the premium version, please decrypt your saved files in the Cloud lockers first as they will disappear after your services are deactivated.

If you encounter any difficulties while encrypting or syncing your files, do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team.