How to access encrypted files on a different device?

Did you know that you can access the files encrypted with NordLocker from anywhere using any compatible device? Well, here are the steps on how that can be done:

First of all, you will have to move the files you wish to access remotely to your NordLocker Cloud. It's a feature for all of our users. You can read more about it in our article about NordLocker Cloud.

Once that is done, boot the device you want to access your encrypted files on and install the NordLocker application on it. If needed, we have guides on how that is done for both macOS and Windows operating systems.

All that is left to do is open the application and log into your NordLocker account. All the encrypted files stored in your NordLocker Cloud are now accessible on your second device to use!

For more detailed explanation, check out our tutorials on uploading files to the Cloud on Windows and macOS!