How does syncing lockers work?

With the newest NordLocker updates came the syncing feature! Now you can access your encrypted files on as many devices as you wish.

Your files as a locker will be uploaded to the Cloud and accessible to your account only and those you have shared it with. Do not worry about any 3rd parties accessing your files as all of your information will be encrypted and can only be accessed by you as it is locked with your secret key. Also, NordLocker has zero knowledge about your data, so there’s no way we could access the content of your files.

You can read more about the encryption, how your files are being saved and how NordLocker works.

However, your lockers will not be synced automatically. Learn how to access your files on different devices by reading our guide!

Beware that this feature is only available for our users who have a premium subscription of NordLocker! If you choose to stop using the premium version, please decrypt your saved files in the Cloud lockers first as they will disappear after your services are deactivated.