How to organize your locker?

Every new NordLocker user starts with two lockers (Intro and Personal), but with time, you’ll likely create dozens of your own. In fact, we encourage it. Creating new lockers only takes a second and helps you organize your data for easy access later. You could have lockers for your photos, videos, legal documents, secret projects, medical documents, invoices, etc.

While you can keep all your files in the Intro locker, note that it may be difficult to share your encrypted files with others. To share a file or folder in NordLocker (you can only share local lockers with others), you must give access to the whole local locker those files are in. That’s why it may also be a good idea to have lockers based on the person or people you’re sharing it with. For example, a separate family locker, one to share files with your partner, one for colleagues, and other ones for close friends.

You can read more information and check out guides on how to share the lockers with others.