How to share files on macOS

Before you send a Locker to another person, you need to grant access to that Locker so the recipient can decrypt and open it. Only the recipients who have the NordLocker app will be able to decrypt and open the Locker you share with them.

  1. Open a locker you want to share;
  2. Right-click on the locker you wish to share. Select Share.
  3. Enter the email address of the person you want to share the locker with and click Add. This will grant them access to the locker.

    If the recipient does not have a NordLocker account, they will receive an invitation to join NordLocker. After they register an account, add their email address once again. Also, you also need to share the physical locker through email, cloud, or a removable drive.

  4. After that, click Share... button. Then choose how you would like to share the locker and send it to the user. He will be informed via email.

Sharing a file but not the entire locker? Find the New Locker button on the bottom left corner of the app, click it, and drag the files you want to share into the new locker. To share the locker, follow the flow described above.

While adding access to a locker is easy, sharing the locker itself may sometimes raise issues. For instance, email providers will often request you to zip the locker before you can attach it to an email.

Sharing lockers through the cloud could be easier in many cases. Place a locker on the cloud and share it. If the other person has access to the locker, all they need is NordLocker on their computer. If you or the recipient makes changes to the files in the locker, they will be synced through the cloud for the other person as well. 

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