Re-installing NordLocker on Windows

Please follow these steps in order to completely uninstall our NordLocker application:

  •  Head over to the Windows Settings as shown in the screenshot:



  •  Click Apps and then Apps and features:



  •  Locate the application and uninstall NordLocker.


*If you are using NordLocker for longer, double-check whether you have NordLocker Prerequisites installed. It is needed to completely terminate the application if you are uninstalling a version older than v2.0 of NordLocker.

Some pop-up windows will appear asking for your permissions to proceed:

  • This one is just double-checking whether you wish to uninstall the NordLocker application:



  • Click Yes to completely delete all the information regarding NordLocker.



  • Click Yes to delete the NordLocker FS driver:


  • The last step is to restart your device. If you wish, you can do that later, however, it is needed for the complete termination of the application from your device.


When finished, download and install our latest NordLocker application here.