How to encrypt files to Cloud storage?

The most convenient way would be to try out the Cloud storage that is implemented in NordLocker! This way, there would be no stressful steps needed to upload lockers and then downloading them again. You can check out our article for some guidance on how to make your locker a Cloud locker!

If you wish to store your lockers in the Cloud that is not provided by NordLocker, you'll need to do it manually for most of them. Just create a locker and upload it to any Cloud storage service you wish. It works the same as a regular folder.

However, if you have stored your locker in the Cloud and want to access it on another device, you will need to have the NordLocker application set up on that device as well. NordLocker does not encrypt the files only, it also decrypts them and it is impossible to reach the stored information without the application.

Please note that when downloading the locker, you will need to download the whole folder and not just the files inside it.

If you wish to access the locker with another account or you wish to share it to another user, you can check out our article about accessing the encrypted files with another account.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success team.