Sharing files on Windows

Before you send a locker to another person, you need to grant them access to decrypt and open it. Only people who have the NordLocker app will be able to decrypt and open the locker you share with them.

Sharing the locker

1. Open a locker you want to share.


2. Click Add user access.

*If you want to share only some files from the folder, you need to prepare files for sharing by clicking “Prepare for sharing”. You will be prompted to save an exported locker, which will now only include the file you wish to share.


3. Enter the email address of the user you want to share the locker with. This will grant them access to the locker.


4. After that, you can share the locker directly to that user and send it by choosing the method.mceclip1.png


Sharing via Dropbox. After creating a sharing folder, the user will get a link that can be shared in any way (email, chat, message, etc.).

The receiver will see the encrypted folder in Dropbox. It has to be downloaded and opened with the NordLocker application.

If the recipient doesn’t have the NordLocker app yet, they will receive an invite via email. Once they download the app and register in NordLocker, you will be able to share the locker with them.

We suggest compressing the locker before sharing it with another user via any other cloud storage or sending it via email.