How to create and manage groups?

The Groups feature offered by NordLocker Business allows members to securely share their lockers with fellow organization members, such as teams or departments. All group members will get access to files in a shared locker. 


Organization owners and admins can create and manage Groups from the Admin Panel


In this guide you will find instructions on:

Creating a group

  1. Log in to Admin Panel:

  2. Go to Groups and select Create Group.
  3. Name the group and select Create.

Renaming a group

  1. Open Groups tab in the Admin Panel, click the three dots icon next to the group, and select Rename.
  2. Enter a new name for the group and select Save.

Adding members to a group


Members that are added to the group can share their lockers with the whole group.


  1. Open Members tab in the Admin Panel.

  2. Select members that you want to add to a group and select Add to group button at the top.
  3. Select a group or multiple groups and click Add members

Removing members from a group

The removed member will lose access to lockers shared with the group. The member can be re-added to the group again.

  1. Go to Groups and open a group.

  2. Click the three dots icon next to a member's email and select Remove from group.
  3. Select Remove to confirm.

Deleting a group


When a group is deleted, its members will loose access to all shared lockers.


  1. Open Groups tab in the Admin Panel and click the three dots icon next to a group.
  2. Select Delete.

Sharing lockers with a group


Members that are in specific groups can share their lockers with fellow group members. Lockers are shared with view-only permissions and only locker's owner can make any changes to the existing files or upload new ones.  


  1. Open a locker that you want to share. Select three dots icon next to the locker's name and select Share.
  2. Enter the group's name and select Share. Please note that you need to be a member of that group to share your lockers.
  3. The shared locker will appear for all group members under Shared with me section.

Removing access to the locker from a group


Shared locker's owner can remove group's access to it.


  1. Open the shared locker and select Share button. 
  2. Select Remove next to the group's name.