How to use NordLocker Business Admin Panel?

Upon purchasing a NordLocker Business plan, every organization gains access to a dedicated Admin Panel exclusively for their use. The Admin Panel is used to invite and manage members, apply company-wide settings, and manage their license. 

Accessing the Admin Panel


Only organization owners and admins can access the Admin Panel. Once you are assigned one of these roles and have created your account, you can access the panel by following the steps below:


  1. Log in to the NordLocker application or Web Access.

  2. Open Admin Panel.
  • Using Web Access:
  • Using desktop application:
  • Using mobile application:

Managing members


Owners and admins can use Admin Panel to invite, suspend or remove members from the organization, assign members to groups, and change their roles. Follow the dedicated guides below for more information and detailed steps:


Inviting users


Go to the Members tab in the Admin Panel and select Invite Members. Members can be invited via email or imported file. Learn more about inviting users to your organization in our dedicated guide.


Roles in the Admin Panel


All members in NordLocker organization are assigned one of three roles: 

  • Owner - This is the primary role in the organization which offers the most functions and capabilities. The owner position can be set up by another owner and the owner role cannot be revoked. 

  • Admin - Admins have a right to manage the organization’s members and groups. They can invite new members to their organization, give rights to new admins or revoke them and suspend accounts by not letting them access their vaults.

  • User - This role gets access to the NordLocker application and has all the premium features of a regular subscription. 

To find more information about Admin Panel roles and steps on assigning them to others, please read our dedicated guide.


Groups feature


The Groups feature in the Admin Panel allowa your organization's members to share their lockers with pre-defined groups of people, such as an entire marketing or design department. Members of the group are granted access to the shared locker and all files in it. 


More information on Groups feature and detailed steps on creating and managing groups can be found here.

Settings on the Admin Panel


Organization owners and admins can manage the organization's settings in the Admin Panel. Changes made to these settings apply to all organization members.