Share files from NordLocker with a secure link

With the new NordLocker sharing feature, you can easily share a copy of your file stored in NordLocker using a securely generated link. You can send a link and a security code using your NordLocker application to anyone, regardless if they are using NordLocker or not. This person will be able to download a copy of your file to their device. 


Here's what you need to know about sharing files via the link:

  • This feature is currently available on the NordLocker macOS, Windows, Android applications, and Web Access.  

  • Only one file can be shared at a time, meaning NordLocker will generate a separate link for each file to share.

  • The file must be saved in the cloud to share it. Files stored in local lockers cannot be shared.

  • A copy of your file is shared, meaning any changes made by you or the person the file was shared with, will not be synced.

Sharing a copy of your file 


  1. Open your NordLocker application and log in. 

  2. Locate a file that you want to share, right-click on it and select Share a copy. Please note that only files saved in cloud lockers can be shared with a secure link. Cloud lockers will have a cloud icon next to them in your lockers list. If the file you want to share is in a local locker (with a computer icon), you can create a new cloud locker and upload the file there. 
  3. If this is your first time sharing files with a link, you will be asked to read and agree with NordLocker's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Select the checkbox and click Generate a link button. 
  4. This will open a new window with a generated link to the file and the Security code to access this file. 
  5. The person you have shared the link with will need to open it in their browser. This will open the NordLocker Cloud tab, asking them to enter the Security code to access the file. 
  6. If the Security code matches, they will be given access to download the shared file to their device.